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Since 2004, Xinfosystems has been helping small and medium sized businesses with their information systems, accounting software, websites and e-commerce solutions.

Xinfosystems specializes in the creation of unique solutions for specialized requirements. Our strength is the development of custom applications software that integrates into QuickBooks, Canada's most popular accounting software for small and medium businesses.

We then integrate their website e-commerce sales and payment information with their accounting software, eliminating the duplicate data entry so many firms are still doing on a daily basis.

Xinfosystems expanded its services to include website development, and web and email hosting, with the talent and experience to design and build a full spectrum of custom corporate websites from simple information sites to complex e-commerce B2B websites.

Our clients include wholesale and retail businesses and professional firms, both private and public, government agencies, sports associations and not-for profit organizations, large and small.

Martin Adler, President (view profile)

Sam Cordes, MBA  Chairman (view profile)

Specialists in business information systems for small and medium sized businesses.

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